By the side of Arts

An exhibition participating in the Kyoto International Photography Festival KYOTOGRAPHIE KG+ is now being held at the gallery attached to Cafe Mizuumi. We are welcoming visitors while having a café.

Megumi Mochizuki / Shujiro Murayama Exhibition
A Brief History of Photography ― Paper, People, Towns, and Trees
@ monade contemporary
April 13 (Sat) – May 12 (Sun), 2024 | Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 14:00 –19:00

One of our frequent visitors casually remarked that the space changes depending on the artwork, and we also talked about how putting things down can expand the space in the opposite direction.

the distance between the artwork and the people.
Both myself and this space are quiet, and there is a place that is somehow sad and lonely. But I hope it enhances the exhibited works.

When you listen carefully to the light and wind coming in through the windows and the works of art in this space where they naturally come to life, you feel as if you can hear voices deep inside you that you have forgotten.
Art is a sightseeing tour of oneself. In the depths of the basement of Gion, a sacred sightseeing spot, you will find the “Café the Lake,” where you can eat your words. We hope you will find your own new words that you have missed.

During this period after the cherry blossoms have fallen, the yellow flags of KG+ will be flying all over Kyoto, and visitors will be able to enjoy touring many contemporary exhibitions.