6/22 – 7/7 exhibition: state of matter Koa Pham/Kosuke Ikeda/Chen Yi-Wen

〜exhibition of gallery next to cafe Lake〜

〈Exhibition Information〉
June 22 (Sat) – July 7 (Sun), 2024 Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 14:00-19:00

monade contemporary | 単子現代 is pleased to present “state of matter,” featuring three artists – Koa Pham, Kosuke Ikeda, Chen Yi-Wen – across multiple disciplines. This exhibition will be held in collaboration with gallery Unfold (Sakyo-ku, Kyoto). Under the same title, each shows a different composition of works by the three participating artists.

The matter is seen as materials, mediums, objects, or forms, each taking on a different form in the process of production and interpretation of the work. In this exhibition, drawings by Koa Pham, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and installation works by Kosuke Ikeda, and sculptural practices by Chen Yi-Wen will explore the possibility of matter transforming itself with people’s changing situations and emotions.

Koa Pham has been expressing the process of change in the relationship between people and objects in space as an artwork. This time, with two-dimensional works and drawings created through dissolving colorful bath bombs, he attempts to express the ambivalence of a political system represented as a paradise.

Kosuke Ikeda has been developing works that question the nature of the existence of things themselves, focusing on energy and material change. In the venue, he introduces a space where solid and fluid, figure and ground, three-dimensional and two-dimensional intersect, centering on his recent paintings with a motif of minerals.

Chen Yi-Wen has been making sculptures through the act of picking up and transforming the way we relate to and perceive materials, with an eye to the individuality of the materials and the dialogue between them. In her sculptural practices, born from the interaction of man-made and natural objects such as tape and water, materials temporarily take shape through the tension of interacting surfaces.

When people interact with matters in a certain situation or emotion, how can the matter exist in its state at any given time? Please join us for a moment of transformation that emerges from the interfering surfaces of matter and perception.

monade contemporary|単子現代
June 22 (Sat) – July 7 (Sun), 2024 Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 14:00-19:00
Room 2, B1F Yasaka Bldg, 10-2 Tsukimi-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, 605-0829
*in cooperation with Café Mizuumi.
June 22 (Sat), 2024 Opening Reception 19:00-21:00
July 6 (Sat), 2024 Artist Talk 18:00-19:00 Guest: Kosuke Ikeda (artist)  *one drink order

gallery Unfold https://www.instagram.com/gallery.unfold
June 22 (Sat) – July 7 (Sun), 2024 Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 13:00-19:00
1-3 Jodojibanba-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8412

Koa Pham https://koaph.am
Artist. Born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in 1993, Koa Pham lives in London and works in London and Vietnam. He is involved in different mediums such as drawing, sculpture, performance, and design. His work prominently investigates the relationship between objects, humans, and spaces, with an emphasis on how objects could put an agency on humans and influence their decision-making.

Kosuke Ikeda http://kosukeikeda.net
Focusing on his interest in the existence of matter and energy surrounding human beings, Kosuke Ikeda creates his works transcending expressive forms such as paintings and installations among others. From 2019, the director of the art space “Jodo Complex” in Kyoto. He is the author of “In Search of the Lost Thing: The Age of Uncertainty and Art” (Seki Shobo, 2019).

Chen Yi-Wen(陳奕彣) https://yiwen-chen.com
Chen Yi-Wen creates sculptures through deconstructing and reconstructing inspirations taken from her experiences and objects encountered. The resulted works thus correspond to their lived surroundings in highly intimate ways. She has always been concerned with the individuality of materials and the dialogue between them, during which each’s sensitivity and spirituality are extended. Her creation begins from the act of picking up objects, in which she opens herself to the materials that change her perception and understanding, and lets the materials travel within the sculpture.