In a world where words flow in and out, everyone may have forgotten their own words.
While wandering in an empty desert-like world, a large puddle suddenly appeared.

Peering in, I see my reflection in the surface of the water. Bubbling. I listen carefully. I sink into the blue water.

At the bottom of it was a small cafe.
Someone who looked like me opened his mouth.
“This is the inside of a book – your story, “Café Mizuumi,” where you eat words. At the bottom of the lake, where all kinds of memories are buried, lies a fossil in the shape of a word. Let’s talk about something and try to remember your forgotten words.”


Cafe Mizuumi is a café that serves sweets to savor each “word” – “word-eating kanji cookies” in the shape of various kanji characters, and is an interactive artwork that goes on and on with our daily lives.
We are also a book, and while talking with visitors (between reality and dreams), we write pages every day.

In this world where words abound and flow… by talking to yourself and savoring each word carefully, you will remember yourself, your five senses and “words” that you have forgotten. …… at Mizu-Umi, an oasis of mirage. Enjoy the sightseeing around you.
A café where you eat words in a book, “Mizu-Umi” is a wild media that reflects you – here, words for you are sleeping.






When the book, when the world is turned upside down, words fall in pieces from the sky and become a song – it is a “song of heaven and earth”. The music stirs the wind and the words dance in the sky, falling and piling up layers of memories again.
Then everyone forgets the words again. But no matter how many times we find the same words, the “voice” breathes new life into them. So let’s talk, let’s sing.