⚫︎ Kanji cookies for eating words / 1piece ¥500
We offer cookies in the shape of various kanji characters so that you can savor “words” one by one. What kind of words will you encounter?

Ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs, rice oil, salt
※In order for you to taste the “word” itself, the ingredients are kept as simple as possible.

⚫︎ Drink All / ¥500
Coffee, tea, matcha, herb tea, and various alcoholic beverages

⚫︎ Take-out (paperback package) / 1copy ¥500


⚫︎ Collaboration planning meeting
Welcome collaboration projects in a variety of locations and content! Please feel free to contact us.
We will choose words according to your project.


★ Tarot & Astrology / 1case ¥1000
Ask anything you are curious about.
Through authentic tarot reading and astrology, we will tell you the key/keywords and stories that will open your next page.

♫ Meditation on Words and Music
Let’s read each other’s made-up sentences or favorite books aloud, or sing or play them together. Voice (sound) breathes new life into words.