6/1 – 6/16 Exhibition: Beyond the Landscape

〜The exhibition holds in the gallery attached to the cafe〜

monade contemporary|単子現代
June 1 (Sat) – 16 (Sun), 2024 | Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 14:00 – 19:00
Room 2, B1F Yasaka Bldg, 10-2 Tsukimi-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, 605-0829
*In cooperation with Café Mizuumi.

・June 1 (Sat), 2024 Opening reception 19:00-21:00
・June 9 (Sun), 2024 Talk Event Thinking about the Historicity and Field of Art Today
16:00-17:00 *one drink order
Guest:MURATA Nozomi (artist), Takayuki Yoshida (Osaka Metropolitan University), Lê Hào (artist) (*remote participation)
Featuring Nozomi Murata and Lê Hào’s works, we will talk over the historicity and field of today’s art.

〈Exhibition Information〉
monade contemporary | 単子現代 is pleased to present “Beyond the Landscape” by MURATA Nozomi and Lê Hào.

Landscape has been seen and loved as a classical motif in documentation, painting, and photography, as well as a medium for recalling history and memory. This exhibition approaches the relationship between people and landscapes in places with installation works by MURATA Nozomi and paintings by Lê Hào.

MURATA Nozomi has been working on installations and other works that weave stories of places, as well as trying to create landscapes of individuals and places that have not been recorded in historical facts through interviews and dialogues. This time, while reflecting on the past activities in Takamijima and Fukumachi, the artist attempts to reinterpret landscapes with the sea and boats in everyday vessels.

Lê Hào has also worked with performance and painting, focusing on the relationship of families and individuals to the history and social conditions of Vietnam. The work presented seeks to recapture the distance between the historical facts and people through abstract expressions with the overlapped braille used by the visually disabled that reconstruct the documentary photographs of boat people after the Vietnam War.
When one presents and sees the landscape in a place, what is revealed, lost, found, and how is it felt? Please join us for a sign of a renewed history before the haptics of the everyday landscape.

Born in 1994, Nara. Artist. Doctor of Fine Arts. Focusing on installations that resemble drawings in space using thin stainless steel wire, the artist creates works that weave a story of a place with a variety of techniques such as tableau and photographic techniques. Recently, the artist has been engaged in projects to create landscapes of individuals and places that did not remain in the historical record through interviews and dialogues.

Lê Hào https://www.facebook.com/lequyanhhao
Born in Ben Tre province, VietNam, 1980. The artist lives and works in SaiGon, VietNam, after graduating from Fine Art university of HCM (B.A). For recent exhibition, a solo exhibition “dim” In Kyoto-Japan (2023), and a group exhibition “reflection -distant view from seawall” in Fukushima, 2020 have been held among others.